Pleased to meet you!

Kat Correa headshot for My Story page
Think back to the extreme stress and isolation of 2020. I was a very tough year for the world. And like many of us, I lost myself in all the bad news and bad food choices. I was treating myself poorly and I certainly looked and felt it. I was a in negative cycle both physically and mentally and I needed a big change. Can you relate? 

Eventually, I started writing haiku poetry for a mental and emotional boost, and after a few months, I changed my writing focus from nature to mindset. This shift helped me see new possibilities for this creative outlet. A few months later...hello, affirmation cards! Today, my 
affirmation deck is featured in retail and gift shops across the US, and is also used by yoga instructors, mastermind teachers, and retreat leaders.

Come join us in the MIRACLE Minutes membership where you will learn to tap into your creativity and inner wisdom by nurturing a habit of daily journaling. Daily affirmation and wellness cards, suggested writing and activity prompts, and weekly live sessions are the foundation of this transformational work. Our community members make this a truly supportive environment while we work on being the best versions of ourselves.

For a taste of the MIRACLE Minutes goodness, join us Wednesdays for Cards & Convos! These live sessions help bring us together for conversation and connection. Recordings are also posted on my YouTube channel. Come have a look, click subscribe, and join us live for these amazing conversations. 

I am thrilled to be on this journey with you!