We Have Magical Wisdom

We all have magical wisdom; the things we just know but we're not sure how we know, and we certainly can't explain how we know to others. We just know. That's our intuition. The hunch or gut feeling or the chills we get when we know something to be true or right for us. 

Trust the whisper.
Woman's intuition
is magical wisdom

Messages to Myself Affirmation Card
Our intuition whispers to us; that little voice that speaks up but may be drowned out with a busy day and errands and traffic and work and deadlines. Until we are better able to hear our inner voice whisper its truth to us, giving ourselves some quiet time to reflect and write creates the peaceful environment we need to be still and listen.   

Our intuition will not steer us wrong. But it does take courage to trust it and follow it without fully knowing why or what the outcome might be. Some people have a more developed sense of knowing, and cultivate their intuition by paying attention to it and then learning to call upon it. Whether you choose to hear and follow and learn from your intuition, know that it is there for you. 

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