From My Heart to Wildheart Antiques

Just one step. One small but brave step to declare your desires is all it takes. Twenty seconds of courage while standing in your power is both a signal and a beacon to others to draw near and gather 'round to hear your message.

One small action step creates a ripple effect of results that impact people's lives and leads to bigger opportunities and choices to continue forging the journey you are on. Such bravery inspires others to dream a little bigger and set their sights a little higher. 

For me, branching out into wholesale marketing has enabled me to meet more people outside my immediate area and touch the hearts of people I have never met. To share my heart and inspiration with customers in other states is a miracle of the online communities I am in and the amazing people I'm privileged to know.
I'd like you to meet Kate Lake, owner and proprietor of Wildheart Antiques and Collectibles in Prosser, Washington! Kate's lovely store in the wine country outside Seattle is the very first location to offer the Messages to Myself affirmation deck to her customers. I'm so excited I could squeal! Actually, I did squeal a few times. Please like her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram,  and stop in to browse if you get the chance. 

Go out and take some brave inspired action. You never know where your ripples will end and who you will impact. xo

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