Ripples of Intentional Action

This first card pull from the solar plexus chakra during a recent Midweek Mindfulness got us deep into discussion about our actions as ripples of effect and inspiration. We have the capability to make huge impacts in our world and touch the lives of those around us. 

Ripples of action
radiating outwardly
reflect your action.

And yet, as often happens, we hesitate and doubt that desire. Despite what we know to be true in our hearts and how inspired or motivated we feel, we usually pause and begin overthinking our inclination. We start poking holes in the lofty and exciting idea we have, and soon that bubble of inspiration pops. We stop before we've even begun.

Next time, have the foresight to know this tendency awaits you, and then push through those thoughts and take one step forward. Notice how amazing that sense of achievement feels! That first step is the hardest to take each one afterwards is easier and more fulfilling. When the inspiration and desire for something bigger strikes you, you are obligated to take action and see what heppens! 

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