Releasing Limiting Beliefs

We have a pretty good idea about our (perceived) limitations, don't we? We know the boundaries of our comfort zone well. And we know when we’re approaching something that pushes those limitations, makes us a bit uncomfortable, and makes us turn back or say ‘no thanks.’

Past limitations
burn on a Viking longboat. 
Bless them and release. 
Messages to Myself affirmation card     
Now….visualize those limiting thoughts, behaviors, and habits. Gather them one by one, and place them gently on the wooden longboat. Say goodbye to each one. You can carry them no longer.

Stand at the breezy shoreline as you shove the longboat to sea. Soon the current will carry it outward and out of your reach, before can clutch the boat and pull them back. You’re okay. Take a deep breath or two. You’re doing fine without them so far. There is no anger for your past, only the letting go with the knowing that today starts a new day.

As the flaming arrows land and ignite the longboat holding all those limitations, know that you are already finding new footing and generating new empowering beliefs. Those past limitations won’t hold you back any longer. Let the flames dance in your eyes. See the smoke as it disappears into the clouds. Watch as the longboat drifts away and crumble into the sea.

Now…imagine new ventures, invite new opportunities, ask for guidance, and take a step in a new direction.

Take ten minutes to journal on these thoughts. What affirmation would you write to your “self” on the other side? I'd love to hear it, so email or dm me. Xo

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