Partnerships are Powerful!

We can't do everything alone, can we? Life is simply more fun with your community around you, your tribe on your side, and kindred spirits to connect with.

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Mystique Moon in San Antonio, Texas! Sunni is the amazing store owner, and she's just placed her first order with me. Her shop is a lovely collection of stunning crystals, gems, jewelry, gifts, decor, books, and also offers live tarot readings.
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My affirmation deck is now added to her shelves along with other divinity and card decks, and I'm so honored. She offers card decks for everyone! Adults, children, cat lovers, witchy stuff, herbalists, crystals, Pride, name it!  Go visit her online and in person, and give her some love and gratitude. 

And my other big announcement? I just launched my Faire wholesale shop and I'm excited to offer another wholesale option to my retailers. Right now, their annual Faire Summer Market is happening with special sales and big discounts for new retailers that join. And yes, it's free to join the Faire marketplace! Faire offers a fantastic shopping experience which is curated with new arrivals and recommended brands to check out. 

The universe is waiting to send amazing things your way. You simply have to tell it what your heart desires and then take inspired action to do your part. I'd be so grateful if you shared this good news with a friend or store owner or manager. xo

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