Our Time is All About Our Journey

I love sharing my affirmation cards with you, whether in person at a market, in email, on Instagram, or on Facebook. And now, we can hang out together on our new YouTube channel!

I love creating and posting these affirmation discussion videos for all the world to enjoy! Positivity, gratitude, insight...so much to share. I'm hoping that someone, somewhere connects with these messages and that it makes a difference in their day and their mindset. Head on over for this week's Midweek Mindfulness session!

And...big announcement! I'm going to begin scheduling these sessions on Zoom so that we can actually "be together!" Totally free, no registration, no fuss. Just login with the link and we'll do a card pull, chat and hear from others, and do some journaling and writing. This space to connect and share and offer support and love. If this sounds interesting and fun and engaging, join me!  

Live Zooms will begin in July so there is time to schedule, create events, and send reminders. Make sure you're subscribed to my email list and part of the Your Inspired Words community so you get all the event details.

Until then, enjoy this week's card and message. xo

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