Magical Moments are Happening on Zoom!

It might be a bit woo, it might be divine timing, but however we describe this alignment happening, it's magical to share these moments together, don't you agree?

Each Wednesday, we gather together on Zoom for Midweek Mindfulness. A pause in our busy week. A calming break in our day. We get centered and connected, then pull a few affirmation cards together.

The messages that come through with the different affirmation decks are powerful and always timely for someone. The conversations we share are wonderful, and from these we create few handful of journal prompts for writing and reflection.

It's a beautiful time that brings insight and clarity, and what a privilege it is to share and connect with each other this way. And guess what, there's always a seat for you! 

Follow this link to join the MIRACLE Minutes community and the weekly live sessions.I can't wait to have you join us. xo

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