It's February and I Have a Question For You

How are you doing on those intentions and goals you set last month? Are you taking action? Perhaps it felt appropriate to bring them down a few notches and make them more achievable. Have you begun to make those small changes to shift your life in the direction you have in mind?  

A whole month has gone by already. And if you're making the changes you want, now is the time to get intentional with how you spend your time and what you give your energy, love, and attention to.  

Let me share a glimpse of some of my January, I....

- enjoyed brunch and laughs with friends over yummy TexMex
- watched two squirrels scamper and build a nest together as I sipped hot tea
- drank lots more water with my 'motivational' water bottle
- cried out some frustration in a hot shower
- enjoyed a peaceful roadtrip with hubs in the hill country
- cleared out a closet and rehomed several jackets on Buy Nothing
- had a long Sunday chat with my mom about nothing and everything
- watched children on a playground while I took a break on my walk
- sent flowers when my sister's dog went to rainbow bridge
- cooked more Mediterranean and vegetable dishes
- watched a red cardinal against the white, icy branches of a tree
- snuggled with my cat Parker during a chick-flick

 How do I still recall some of these lovely but small moments and events? I wrote about them! That is the beauty of the monthly Journal Jam pages.

At the beginning of each month, we gather on zoom and we set some intentions as we greet the new month. We make note of our plans and what we're working on, write down what we're looking forward to, the special days we celebrate, and do a different creative activity together.

As the month goes by, use your journal jam pages to note your gratitude, do some meditative coloring, and write out some reflections on your days and time spent. Doesn't that sound like a beautiful thing? 

Every month is a brand new opportunity to commit to honoring your Self and your time. Join the Journal Jam membership, print your journal jam pages (12 each month), and join us!

*UPDATE: Journal Jam is being repackaged as a stand alone journal and is no longer a membership.  

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