Declare Your Desires

Need a focus this week? I pulled this card and didn't realize how much I needed this message today. We often think everyone else, including the universe, is omniscient! As if they should just 'know' what we want and need and wish for.

Declare it aloud. 
Your commitment to create
draws inspiration. 
Messages to Myself Affirmation Card
Most people aren't psychic.....and guess what? WE are not their focus or priority most of the time. The solution is using our voice, speaking up, and declaring what we need and want and wish for. This will be a focus for me going forward...declaring out loud and with compassion what I want and am working for.  

By declaring things out loud, to yourself and to others, you call in the inspiration you need to create those desired results. That starts with taking small actions that lead you step by step to the actually accomplishing the bigger goals.

Speaking about your dreams, goals, and desires can literally bring them to life! And then your life actually changes...all because you used your voice and spoke up. 

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