Calling in Clarity

Each Wednesday, I like to do a little midweek mindfulness exercise. Why? Isn't it true that our week tends to get packed and busy, and we’re not close enough to Friday yet, and still have so much left to do? Yes...exactly. Here's where our midweek mindfulness comes in. Let’s pause, slowly inhale and exhale three times, and sit with our Self to recenter our thoughts and feelings. 

Today’s Instagram Live affirmation card pull was the perfect messages today. This card is from the I See category of the Messages to Myself affirmation deck. This chakra is the third-eye chakra, located in the forehead area, and relates to our intuition, our inner wisdom, hearing that quiet inner voice, and connecting with the guidance that is offered to us.

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Exhaling slowly,
your calming energy
brings forth clarity.

Take a minute to consider this thought. Settle into the moment. Release your shoulders with your exhale. Feel your heartbeat as you read or recite the affirmation to yourself once or twice more. You may even close your eyes and just breathe for a few minutes.

When you're ready to, grab a pen and try one these journal prompts for five minutes.  

1. After three deep breaths and exhaling slowly, I feel………

2. To get some perspective and have time to think, I like to……

3. Recall a time when you felt drawn to someone’s calming energy.

You might reread your entry and consider your thoughts without criticism or judgement. Perhaps come back to it later and notice any changes in perspective.

How are you feeling? What memories came to the surface? Did some small bit of clarity reveal itself to you? 

I'd love for you to contact me and share your aha moment or revelation. And please this blog post with someone in your life who needs this reminder. You'll make their day just by thinking of them. 

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