Balancing Between Lightness and Shadow

Yesterday’s card pull for Midweek Mindfulness seemed so perfect as we just had the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. Opposite to the longest day of the year is our longest night of the year during the Winter Solstice; exactly six months later. Even Mother Earth has her own balancing act between sun and shadow. 

Lightness and shadow.
Balancing between the two
with kindness and grace.

We are all balancing between lightness and shadow. Take this concept of opposites and extract it to ideas, feelings, actions, words. Positive and negative; ease and challenge; joy and sorrow, kindness and malice. This is the yin and yang of life we all must handle.

Choose a set of 'opposites' you might be dealing with right now. Can you offer some kindness, patience, grace, gratitude, or empathy to yourself or to someone you love? Can you bring a little lightness with a helping hand? Can you reach out your hand to accept it from others?

Life will bring us both lightness and shadow as one does not exist without the other. May you celebrate, navigate, and also learn what each has to offer you. 
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